Godfall Shows Off Flashy Combat In Debut Trailer (3)

A newly released gameplay trailer for hack-and-slasher Godfall shows off just how it’ll look and play on PC, and it’s really rather stunning.

We got one gameplay trailer for Godfall the other day, but this is our first look at just how the hack-and-slasher works on PC. I don’t think I really need to say “it looks really nice”, but…

Godfall‘s rage against the heavens

Godfall takes place in a high fantasy world, which basically means knights and magic and all the other standard fantasy stuff that everyone loves. The play character is a Valorian Knight, a warrior of godlike power. Which is kinda handy, because you are specifically trying to kill Macros, a mad god. You’ll be finding and equipping Valorplates, which actually go one step further from your standard equipment and actually transform you. This, I assume, means that every Valorplate will effectively change up your combat style, giving you plenty of options on how you want to play and proceed.

It’s a hack-and-slash combat game (and that hack-and-slash looks pretty damn good), but Godfall also has an emphasis on loot. As with Diablo or Borderlands or Destiny or about six billion other games, you’ll be finding all sorts of loot with different stats and traits as you proceed. Nonetheless, Counterplay Games still wants the combat to be very skill-based. While your loot will help, you’ll have to master the mechanics to actually make the most of it. Alas, the video ends by teasing a mid-boss fight but doesn’t actually show it, so there’s no given example of how skill-based it might be.

Gearbox Counterplay Godfall Silvermane Tease

Past that, there’s a lot we don’t know, especially about the PC version. What we do know is that Godfall is using Unreal Engine 4, that it’s coming to the Epic Games Store, and that it’s due out this holiday season. I suspect we’ll hear more about the specifics of the PC version a little closer to launch, when things have been tweaked and optimised.

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