Elden Ring Godslayer's Seal Location Guide

Elden Ring has plenty of build variety to keep combat interesting for players. Some players may choose between a variety of melee weapons while others will focus on magic or long-ranged attacks. Incantations are new and powerful spells in Elden Ring and the Godslayer Incantations are particularly powerful. However, to use the Godslayer Incantations in Elden Ring to their fullest, you’ll need to have the Godslayer’s Seal equipped first — and we’ll tell you how to get it.

With the Godslayer’s Seal equipped, you can make use of powerful Black Flame incantations like Black Flame and Black Flame Blade. These incantations send a ball of black fire at your enemies or coat your right-hand weapon in damaging black flames, respectively. Making use of these incantations requires any seal. However, the Godslayer’s Seal will increase their potency substantially.

How to get the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring

First off, you’ll need to travel to Stormveil Castle, considered to be the first major dungeon of Elden Ring. The castle is located Northwest of Limgrave. From here, head or fast travel towards the Rampart Tower site of grace. Around the corner from this site of grace is an elevator that you can ride down. If you haven’t yet unlocked the use of the elevator, turn left and traverse across the various rooftops to make your way down.

Your goal is to make your way to the central courtyard of the castle. Moving to the left from where the archers are will lead you down a staircase and towards a cellar. This will be across from you if you could not use the elevator beforehand. Kill the rats in this room and then use a Stonesword Key to open the fog wall on the other side of the room. Then simply go through it and open the chest on the left to obtain the Godslayer’s Seal. There is also a Godskin Prayerbook in another chest here.

Eldr Stvl Wlk 3a

Imp Dungeon #1. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now that you have the Godlslayer’s Seal, simply equip it as well as a relevant incantation at a site of grace. To find the Godslayer incantations check out our handy guide. Be sure to check out our guides and features hub for more.

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