After several interviews with Peter Molyneux and further investigation, it has come to light that Godus was planned to be a mobile first game, with PC a low priority, if at all.

    This contradicts Molyneux’s earlier statements to backers and in interviews. Molyneux claims that Godus was planned for both mobile and PC, with PC as lead platform. He also explains that 22Cans had trouble with development, and caved in with approaching a publisher, DeNa, to get more money to work on a mobile version. That was only intended to be temporary, but what was planned for a few months took two years.

    This statement is not backed by former employees. They stated that at 22Cans, Molyneux sold developers on the idea of making Godus a huge mobile game, and pointed to Rovio and King as inspiration.

    As it is now, the possibility of a PC port is hazy. Molyneux claims that they have a five to six person team working on it now, and a former backer, Konrad Naszynski, has now taken reigns of the project, with Molyneux merely in an advisory role. While it may be hard to take Molyneux at his word at the moment, he has not canceled the game outright, so the possibility that the PC version will leave Early Access someday remains.

    There is more information on the troubled development of Godus here.

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