It’s been a little while since Peter Molyneux and Jack sat down to discuss Godus, but with the project now fully backed through Kickstarter the duo have returned for another video session. Apparently, these will be weekly updates, so you’ll be getting your dose of Molyneux at least once every seven days.

In the 15 minute chat, you’ll learn about what the team has been up to with the Populous-inspired title, who’s best at multiplayer, what plans there are for the prototype and the etymology of the phrase “willy nilly.”

As well as all that, the Godus chaps are trying to get the game on Steam. Here’s what they have to say about that: “We have been taking to Valve about Steam and getting Godus up on their distribution platform, implementing their SDK into the game.”

Trying to avoid Greenlight, eh? How cheeky.

Peter Parrish

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