Godus’ Status Uncertain, As Devs Release Update Video

Godus’ devs have come out with a new video updating fans on the state of the game, just as major outlets started raising concerns on the state of the game.

Much of the concern stems from blog posts from designer Konrad Naszynski. He has been recently confirming what many feared; that many Kickstarter promises are not achievable, and even many elements for multiplayer are still not in place and may not be ready.

It’s worth noting that Konrad literally came in to help fix up the game after initial dev’t. He was one of the backers and decided to contact Molyneux directly after he had concerns of the state of the game’s development.

You can read more about RPS’ investigation of the game’s status here, but almost immediately, Konrad came up with Peter to discuss the state of the game on YouTube.

So here’s what the video says:

Peter and 22cans has shifted all of the game’s development over to a new smaller team.

Peter also takes responsibility for the game as it is, and cites mistakes due to inexperience with Kickstarter, Early Access and working on mobile games. He unequivocably asks fans to continue to blame them, but promises they are still committed to making the game.

Regarding questions about where the money from Godus sales is going, Peter cites that a portion of those sales have taken cuts from different entities, including Apple and an unnamed publisher, but the money that has been collected has gone back to the game. This includes making sure all the devs who worked on the game were paid promptly.

You can watch the video and decide for yourself below.


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