Fall Guys Godzilla

The Godzilla costume is now available in the Fall Guys in-game store. You’ll need to scrape together 10 Crowns to get this excellent King of the Monsters representation. The Fall Guys Twitter account marked the release with a short video showcasing Godzilla stomping around the game’s obstacles. The video also leaked some obstacles players have never seen before.

The Fall Guys Godzilla costume is an excellent ode to the iconic monster unlike poor Sonic the overweight Hedgehog that rolled into Fall Guys last month. If you look very closely at the car in the monster’s hand, you can even see a Fall Guys bean sitting behind the wheel.

The costume has been released in celebration of Godzilla day, which celebrates the day the original Godzilla film was released in 1954. There’s no indication of how long the King of the Monsters costume will be in the store. Don’t wait to pick it up.


Slipping through the cracks

Let’s run through all the new obstacles leaked in the above Fall Guys Godzilla video. Straight out the gate, there’s a new version of Thicc Bonkus coming in what appears to be a new Fall Guys race. The next clip reveals that Hoopsie Legends will get some additional hazards in the form of swinging axes to hinder beans as they try to jump through hoops. Knight Fever will also get some more swinging axes. The medieval race will soon have spinning axes blocking your way across the final drawbridges.

Jump Club is receiving one of the more unconventional updates, with fruit being thrown into the mix. You can see a strawberry knocking over a bean at 14 seconds in the video. Players will need to jump the spinning beams, while also dodging the fruit being whacked around. I think Jump Club needs some chaos like that to spice it up. Its final version, Jump Showdown, is the least fun round in the game.

Let us know if you spot any other leaks in the Fall Guys Godzilla video.

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