GOG boldly adds Star Trek games

The latest additions to GOG have the digital download platform boldly going where no-one has gone since the early 90s: Star Trek games.

Three Star Trek games have been added to GOG: point-and-click adventures Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: Judgment Rites, and FMV-led space sim Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.

I have no memories at all of Starfleet Academy, which seems a shame because I’m a big fan of corny FMV and it looks like a game that might include loads of that, but I do have fond memories of the point-and-click games. If I remember rightly, both had multiple solutions to puzzles, with the game rewarding you for playing in a more moral, humane manner. You could find a way to murder a bunch of guards in a room, or you could take the slightly longer approach and work out how to disable them without killing them, with the latter worth more points.

Also, you always had a red shirt with you, and they died instead of the named characters if you did anything remarkably stupid. And then major characters died if you continued doing stupid things, but oh well.

You can pick up the three games over on GOG’s website, with each costing $5.99.

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