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Over at GOG.com they’ve been running community votes for which particular game bundles get an (up to) 80% discount on any given day of their Winter Sale. Today, for example, the winner seems to be the ‘Run, Jump and Fight’ bundle containing Guacamelee, Mutant Blob Attack, Dust and Volgarr the Viking.

But what if the bundle you wanted to win didn’t quite get the required votes? Will you have to just curl up into a corner and cry about it? Happily, no. GOG.com will be running a ‘Let’s Party Promo!’ event between 31 December and 2 January that will include all the games that weren’t picked up by community votes.

Here’s an idea of some of the titles that’ll be appearing (DRM-free, of course):

The bundles include timeless gems from almost every genre! RPG fans, depending on their preference, can get their hands on CRPG juggernaut Ultima series; immerse themselves into one of the most complex stories ever told in Wizardry 6, 7, and 8; or they can try the new incarnation of grid-based RPG with Legend of Grimrock. For the more action-oriented gamers space shooter Strike Suit Zero or the immortal Strike Commander will definitely be worth picking up, while jump-scare lovers are sure to enjoy the horrors of Slender: The Arrival, Penumbra, and Knock-Knock.

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