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Sales upon sales.

GOG.com have taken significant strides forward in digital PC sale technology, enabling them to run not one, but two sales at once. The site has a big Weekend sale, in which more than 140 titles are (up to) 85% off. They’re also winding up their ‘Mutator’ sale, so even more games are going cheap for the next couple of days.

Let’s do the Weekend one first. This has three whole days still to run and you can see the list of games included on this page right here. Today’s titles include Age of Wonders 3, Shadow Warrior, Dragon Commander, Gone Home, Banished and Gods Will Be Watching. So if any of those (or the rest) look like a good deal at their current GOG prices, you know what to do.

Meanwhile, the GOG mystery Mutator promo is still ongoing for another 40 hours or so (at the time of writing.) In this sale, you pick three of the games that are discounted (again, up to 85% off) and then have the option of choosing up to three other mystery games at $2.00 USD each. You might get a title worth $5.00 USD, or it could be something priced at as much as $45.00 USD.

The current Mutator deals include Thief games, Outlast, Shadowrun Returns and a whole lot more. You’re best off just looking at the page.

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