GOG Insomnia Sale Live Now

GOG (otherwise known as Good Ol’ Games) is having another “Insomnia” sale. The sale works by a limited number of keys being available for each game, and once those keys run out, moving onto the next game. There’s no way of telling what the next title will be besides a hint at the genre of the game. These deals run around the clock, only changing once all the keys have been swallowed up for a particular title, hence “Insomnia” sale.

Some brand new deals will be hitting GOG, never before seen on the site. They’ve also announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be available at some point during the sale for $24.99, or 50% off. GOG is also giving more incentive to purchase games by giving a free title away to you for every ten games you buy.

GOG.com is a website where PC gamers can pick up games DRM-free. They also carry some classic RPGs that cannot be found anywhere else.

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