gog birthday

And a happy sixth GOGday to you all.

I wouldn’t normally question the fine people of GOG, but I’m concerned that they’re confused about how birthdays work. The site is six years old today (or today-ish, anyway,) and to celebrate the company is having another one of those big PC game sale things.

GOG, look. Normally when it’s your birthday, other people give you things. Especially if you’re six. I mean, I suppose people will be giving you money, but that’s what happens when they don’t know what else to get for you.

Oh well. According to GOG this is how the sale’s going to work

“This week, we’d like to go back to GOG.com history, taking you on a little trip down the memory lane. Each day we’ll be taking some of the games we’ve released in a given year of GOG’s existence, and offering them to you up to 80% off.”

You can have a look at the first set on this sale page here. Update: And here’s the second day’s offerings. The following deals were from yesterday (8 September) and no longer apply.

Hey, Beyond Good & Evil is $3.00 USD. Jagged Alliance 2 is there for $2.50 USD. Or how about Unreal Tournament 2004 for the same price? You can probably find something there which takes your fancy.

Peter Parrish

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