GOG localised in German, sells German games cheap

The DRM-free game purveyors at GOG.com have announced that they’ve gone a bit German, with a 97% off sale to celebrate. And don’t worry – I’ll refrain from terrible “jokes” about lederhosen and beer.

This means a few things. First, the entire site can now be made German through the drop-down menu at the top; if German is your native language (or if you just fancy browsing around in German) then you can feel a lot more comfortable there at the click of a button. Second, there’s now a German section on the forums. Third, there’s now German customer support. And fourth, another 25 games have been localised in German.

GOG being GOG, though, this means it’s time for a sale. Plenty of German games are on offer for cheap this weekend, with the highlight probably being point-and-clicker Deponia at a whopping 97% off ($0.49). But perhaps you’d rather The Settlers, or Blackguards, or Omerta? Welp, they’re all on sale too! Just not at 97% off.

You can read up on the German changes over here, or just have a gander at the sale itself over here.

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