GOG is giving away copies of Metro: Last Light Redux to cap its winter sale

Gog Metro Last Light

The holidays mean a lot for PC gamers. It’s usually when we get to pick up some new hardware, our favorite games have winter-themed events, and there are game sales as far as the eye can see. This year was no different, for the most part. While all the video cards may be sold out, online retailers can’t really run out of game keys. The boom in online game marketplaces has made this year’s holiday season one of the best for sales, and they won’t stop until after the year ends. While many may be paying attention to Steam for its iconic sales, GOG has propped itself up as a worthy competitor, ending its sale with free copies of Metro: Last Light Redux.

Nabbing your free copy of Metro: Last Light Redux off of GOG is simple. First, you’ll need to make a GOG account and download GOG Universe, the storefront’s app for launching games. Once you’re registered, all that’s left is to go to the store on GOG Universe and claim your free game. Be sure to act fast on this though, GOG’s winter sale may be continuing for the next four days, but this special offer only lasts two.

For the folks that have been paying attention to game giveaways this season, this is your chance to get yet another free Metro title. The Epic Games Store gave players free copies of Metro 2033 Redux just last week.

A little something for everyone

If Metro: Last Light Redux isn’t your style, there’s almost definitely something on GOG’s storefront that should interest you. Price-wise, there is almost no difference between what you’ll find on GOG against Steam. However, GOG does have some titles you wouldn’t expect to find on PC, specifically Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. GOG also promises that all of its games are DRM free, meaning customers will actually own their games. Steam, while also a stellar site for buying games, doesn’t technically sell games. Instead, Steam sells licenses to play games, which players buy and use to access different titles.

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