GOG has expanded upon their refunds policy, not just for the benefit of the customers, but clearly as a swipe on Steam.

    On their State of Customer Experience post, they reveal that they have expanded the refunds period to 30 days, beyond the 14 days the EU mandates. They also say you shouldn’t feel the need to rush, because GOG will consider the timer stopped when you contact them (AKA as long as you let them know, even at the last minute, you can get that refund).

    Furthermore, GOG states that they will offer refunds after you’ve downloaded your games if you find that they don’t run on your computer, for whatever reason. This is clearly a strike on Valve’s current refunds policy, which states that you waive your refund rights the moment you start downloading your games.

    GOG is a far way from challenging Steam’s dominance, but this certainly is a step towards making GOG even more enticing. You can rest assured GOG’s fanbase (disclosure: includes me!) is going to stay fiercely loyal to them for some time.

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