When it comes to seasonal digital sales, Steam is usually the first outlet on everyone’s mind. The service holds the majority of all PC games and is essentially the monolithic supplier of PC gaming. But, don’t forget about the team down at Good Old Games.

GOG is another major gaming service that is probably the biggest contender behind Steam. The platform is well known for its “No DRM” policy and has had an overall positive reception in general (as long as we ignore their social media mistakes). Sure, it’s not as big as Steam, but it’s also not nearly as bloated. You’ll be able to sort through the sales without scrolling past 500 different visual novels, for instance.

So Where’s The Sale?

Gogcom Halloween Sale 6012134

Previous Halloween sale art from GOG

So on that note, with Steam’s Halloween Sale dropping today, GOG has decided to join in on the fun too. GOG’s Trick or Treat sale (classic name, by the way) is running until November 5 and has some pretty great deals. Just to give you a little taste, I’ll recommend some heavily-discounted titles you might want to check out.

My Recommendations

  • Alan Wake (at 80% off, it’s $2.99) – This is an amazing survival horror game that’s worth way more than what they’re charging
  • Red Faction Guerilla (at 50% off, it’s $9.99) – The standard anyone making destructible environments should strive for. Not exactly horror-based per se, but still a great deal.
  • Little Nightmares (at 70% off, it’s $6) – One of the most visually creative games I’ve seen in years with some truly horrifying designs. If you love your indie puzzlers, this is for you.
  • Darksiders 1 and 2 (at 80% off each, they’re $3.99 and $5.99 respectively) – These two games are brutally fun adventure RPGs that are from the perspective of the Horsemen of the Apocolypse. Darksiders II is a pretty big divergence from the first and is also quite buggy, but they’re both incredibly fun games.
  • Deadly Premonition (at 90% off, it’s $2.49) – The renowned “totally not Twin Peaks” action adventure made by Hidetaka Suehiro, aka Swery. This game runs poorly, has awful voice actions, and is kind of a mess, but it’s the most enjoyable mess I’ve ever experienced.

Halloween GOG Sale

And that’ll do it! There are hundreds of other games on sale for some criminally low prices, so take a look for yourself. There is some overlap between the sales on GOG and on Steam, but as far as I can see, they’re priced the same. So if you want to support a smaller service with no DRM and a 30-day money back guarantee, be sure to check out GOG this Halloween.

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