September 5th, 2017

GOG’s second freebie is Still Life 2

gog still life 2

The second game GOG are giving away today is murder-investigation point-and-clicker Still Life 2.

Still Life 2 puts you in the shoes of Agent Victoria McPherson, trying to track down a particularly meticulous serial killer who has a nasty habit of leaving behind no clues. However, you’ll also be playing as Paloma Hernandez, a news reporter abducted by the killer who will presumably be murdered sometime soon.

It wasn’t spectacularly received, but most seem to agree that it’s an adequate adventure, even though it apparently manages to muck up both Still Life‘s tone and cliffhanger ending. I have no opinion, because I’ve yet to play it! You can investigate whether that’s true or not for yourself, though, by popping on over to GOG, finding it in the big list of flash sales, and clicking the “Free” button.

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  • Comments:
    • MorningLM

      And now they’re giving away Torchlight ( again ).

    • Red Aloia

      How many free games they will give ?

    • Tim McDonald

      For some reason I thought they were giving away four games, but I can’t find any mention of that number anywhere so it’s possible I was just going mad. I’m keeping my eyes on GOG anyway, though; if another freebie pops up while I’m awake then I’ll post about it.

      And yeah, I missed Torchlight. Sorry! I think I was off eating, or writing, or something. Solid game, though I suspect most will already have it, so maybe my missing it wasn’t *too* bad.

    • MorningLM

      Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is now free, but only for thirty minutes.

      Tim: If you already owned Torchlight on GOG you were given a gift code. I won a prize in your Christmas competition and am happy to return the favour and PM you it if you want it.

    • lazerbeak

      do famous, wealthy pc gaming journalists, really need free games Tim? 😀

      • Tim McDonald

        lazerbeak: I have no idea! I’d have to be famous and wealthy to find that one out. I look forward to the day when I can answer that from first-hand experience, though.

        MorningLM: Haha! Thanks, but no; I already have Torchlight. I genuinely appreciate the offer, though.

        Alan Wake’s American Nightmare was actually a rather nice deal (and not quite what I was expecting) which is probably why it only lasted for 30 minutes. Well done anyone who managed to nab that one.

      • Peter Parrish

        Famous creatures of mythology: The Unicorn, The Wyvern, The Wealthy PC Games Writer.

    • lazerbeak

      your forgot the honest politician