gog spring sale

Yeah don’t bother looking for this one, it’s already gone.

Staying up all night in a desperate attempt to catch a cheap PC game in GOG’s latest sale; what could possibly go wrong? Other than a collapse of your sleep hygiene, nothing whatsoever! Returning for another year, it’s GOG’s Spring Insomnia Sale.

What happens is this: GOG puts up games at absurd discounts like 80% and 90% off, but in seriously limited supply. Games can go up at any time, day or night (whatever timezone you happen to be in) and once the supply is exhausted, another game takes their place. I’ve just sat and watched around 200 copies of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare disappear for $2.00 USD each in about a minute.

Some games will even be available for free. But you never know when. So the only solution is to forget about them because your backlog is probably gigantic anyway watch the GOG site 24/7 in the hope of catching them all.

GOG’s own community describes this sale project as “a grueling, nightmarish experience with free games (available for picoseconds) and widespread forum psychosis,” so you know you’re in for a fun ride. The event runs from RIGHT NOW, NOW, IT’S HAPPENING NOW until GOG is out of stock.

Only the company knows for sure which games will go on sale, but it has noted in its press release that Papers Please and Dragon Commander will be two of the titles getting major discounts at some point. Unless that already happened, in which case I guess you missed them.

This is all good for a laugh, but don’t actually ruin your health and/or life commitments by staying up all night for slightly cheaper PC games. It’s probably something you’d regret doing.

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