Early adopters of the Xbox One have been feeling somewhat neglected by Microsoft ever since they announced they would be releasing a Kinect-less Xbox One console for a cheaper price, despite saying they’d never do that. The new head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has seemingly recognized this and has called these early adopters “critical”.

“Those early adopters I think in any consumer category are the people that are giving you feedback on the things you’re going to try to do,” Spencer said. “Every year, we’re going to try to win that core gamer. Not just because it’s a great audience, it’s a consumptive audience, but also somebody that’s going to give you feedback on the new things you’re doing. At lot of the new things actually impact the broader audience over time. Winning that core gamer year after year is a focus of mine as Head of Xbox.”

Microsoft have recently launched an official Xbox Feedback website where gamers can voice their concerns and opinions and vote on new ideas and changes for the console. Microsoft also did a great job at E3 this year as they focused on GAMES rather than sports or Kinect features.

Do you think Microsoft can win the core gamer demographic, or is it all talk? Let us know in comments.

Source: Gamespot




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