Goku stuffs his face in DBZ: Kakarot progression trailer

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Goku Character Progression Trailer

So, what are the defining characteristics of Dragon Ball’s Goku? Sure, that bright, orange gi. And of course the spiky hair. But one feature that doesn’t often get talked about is, naturally, his insatiable appetite. No, not just for battle, but for food. It’s often a bit of a running gag of Dragon Ball creator Akria Toriyama to have Goku whip through tables of food like Kirby. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Goku’s voracious eating habits will actually be a mechanic worked into the game as part of the character progression system.

Eating is a major part of character progression in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. As shown in the trailer released today, eating food provides small buffs to your character. As Goku pounds through massive bowls of rice and meat, tiny colored arrows signifying a small increase in health or special effects stats. These come in the form of temporary buffs or a increases on a more permanent basis.

Food in Kakarot is often found in the world, from fruit on a tree to dinosaur meat you can cook at a camp. Visiting cooks in towns will provide the most bang for your (ground) chuck, offering full meals with substantial boosts.

Feeling special

Food isn’t the only way to buff your saiyan, however. Z Orbs, which are scattered throughout the world in Kakarot, must be collected if you wan to use special attacks. You can find said orbs floating in the air or under the water. These orbs can then be spent on special abilities. In the video, Goku powers up his trusty Kamehameha to level 3.

Some skills require you do train for them. Special abilities marked with a green icon can only be acquired by visiting one of many training areas in the game. These areas are accessed by spending D Medals, which are found scattered around the world.

There’s even more to character progression that what’s detailed here. Be sure to hit up the above trailer to learn more. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot flies toward PC on January 17.

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