Google Maps Now Includes A Cd Projekt Red Virtual Studio Tour (2)

There is little doubt that Polish studio CD Projekt Red has made themselves a household name in the gaming sphere. Building off the success of The Witcher series, they are now charging headfirst into another potential gem in Cyberpunk 2077. Now, for those of you curious to see where the secret sauce is, a virtual tour of the CD Projekt Red offices is now available on Google Maps.

Virtual tourist

Simply by utilizing the street view on Google Maps, you can put yourself virtually in the shoes of an employee at the Warsaw studio. Just imagine putting on a VR headset and exploring the space, and you get the whole idea. Like other places reeking of success, there are several areas you can visit as part of your CD Projekt Red tour.

Google Maps Now Includes A Cd Projekt Red Virtual Studio Tour (1)

The reception area welcomes you first, and it is clear that this is a place that celebrates success. Gaze upon the many awards the studio has won, and peruse the many magazine covers showing off their games. There are also several screens that continuously play footage of The Witcher series, reminding you of CD Projekt Red’s roots. The standard rooms are all there as well, with meeting rooms and working areas aplenty.

Of course, there is little to glean from the virtual tour other than an interesting time. There will not be any secrets you can find, at least not when we tried, but it is nice to see just where the sausage is being put together. Considering the hype behind whatever CD Projekt Red is doing at any moment, it allows fans to connect with the developers in another way. While you will not understand the hard work that goes into making the games you love, at least you can guess just where in the office did these ideas came to life.

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