Grand Theft Auto V will not use Denuvo DRM, says company co-owner

Grand Theft Auto V (14)

Planes: Yes. Denuvo DRM: No.

IncGamers has received a statement from Denuvo co-owner Robert Hernandez, denying that Grand Theft Auto V will make any use of his company’s DRM system. Rumours about the inclusion of Denuvo stemmed from a GTA forums thread which noticed that the Denuvo “Who we work with” chart had recently added Rockstar.

Interestingly, at the time of writing the Denuvo site can’t be properly reached and just brings up a blank page.

Hernandez states that claims Grand Theft Auto V will use Denuvo DRM are “false,” and that his company “is not in any way involved with any version of GTA V.”

That sounds pretty emphatic.

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  • That’s kind of a bummer to be honest. It would be a tiebreaker to clear if this Denuovo thing is what broke Lords of the Fallen.
    On the other hand, it would be problematic to have such a high profile game overheating GPUs and crashing every 30 minutes, if that’s the case.

  • Billy Gate

    Pirates rejoice.

    • rpsgc

      Yeah, “pirates”.

      I mean, who cares about consumer rights, right?

      • USMC03Vet

        You don’t have a “right” to be a scumfuck thief.

        DRM doesn’t rob you of being able to play the product it literally only affects scumfucks.

        • f1dd6fe4

          DRM hinders the gaming experience of legitimate customers, you moron. A good example is the always-online DRM. Pirates don’t have that requirement.

        • lazerbeak

          not true i’ve been totally unable to play a game I purchased because of DRM, ironically I had to download a crack to play a game I had purchased

          • I remember cracking Assassins Creed Brotherhood (or revelations, one of the Ezio spinoffs) to get rid of the always online thing. The crack skipped the whole Uplay process and made the game actually start faster.
            Kinda makes you feel like a dumbass if people that legitimately buy the game have to walk a step further to have the best experience.

        • USMC03Vet

          Tuff guy oxygen thief.

          • Alex Glenn

            you’re just embarrassed you got called out and put down *like a bitch*

            • USMC03Vet

              Neck beards on the Internet. Forever tuff guys.

  • Dominik


    • Coolstream

      One whole day, damn, that’s old.

  • dapaintrain

    I think publishers should just ditch drm entirely the only people hurt by drm are the legit consumers.
    No matter what drm had been implemented pirates always crack it at launch or a week after at most.

    • wtf

      You do realize Fifa 15 was launched more than a month ago and it’s still not cracked, right?

      • dapaintrain

        Can’t say I play Fifa on pc that’s always been more a console game I play with mates on the couch. So no didn’t know that.

        But I’m thinking of games like assassins creed 2 had to be online and authenticate with ubiplay servers every 5 minutes or the game would close titles like that were cracked in a week while legit customers had to live with restrictive drm

      • Hezkezl

        Then why are there torrents for “FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition [Full Unlocked]” ?

        • Gabriel

          are just the games, the only crack that i know, a brazilian did, he modified the game files and origin to run all offline, but he have to activate over internet with an account that have fifa 15, and then u are able to play offline.

          • Benjamin Stanley

            So what you are saying that this DRM is crackable 😛

        • James Hawkins III

          Try one of them and find out…

          • Hezkezl

            I did. No viruses, no malware, nothing malicious on it. It worked pretty well..

        • Darth BloodyTide

          None of those torrents actually contain a crackable version of the game that you can play. Unless you can prove they actually unlock a playable Fifa 15.

      • Dan Nighteowl

        First of all it would have to be a game worth buying . A soccer game ?

        Pretty sure using that DRM would cost a pretty penny to use .

    • USMC03Vet

      That’s a lie.

      I’ve been gaming for decades without a single DRM issue. Amazing how so many supposedly computer experts can’t figure out something completely automated and a non issue that supposedly interrupts their enjoyment of a paid product. Problem is they are full of shit and instead are posting on forums blatantly lying about purchasing the product and even being caught posting technical issues specifically caused by the developers in pirate versions.

      • f1dd6fe4

        And here I thought that people like you only existed in stories. My God, you are one gigantic retard. Not a single DRM issue? Try SimCity. Try. Asssassin’s Creed. Try The Witcher 2 at launch. There are countless examples if you had the intellectual honesty to do some actual research, you moronic ape.

      • rpsgc


        Only one word to show how full of faecal matter you are.

      • dapaintrain

        Sim city springs to mind.

      • Ridiculous

        You have been gaming for decades Super Mario I guess…and not a single AAA game…Name the titles of the games you have been gaming for “decades”.
        You are what…like 50 years old that you say “decades” ? do you know what a “decade” means ? If you say truly that for decades, then back when cassette consoles and first CD console (PS1) were, there were no DRM’s to start with…so obviously you played without problems with DRM’s, cause there were none back then before ’98 to start with…only a decade and a half has passed since then you dumbass.

        And we nominate for the year-of-the-epic-fail…………USMC03Vet.

        I think you are one of those victims that does not see the DRM problem and thinks that it’s a developer problem, a bug in the game, or you do not want to admit that you are a victim of DRM and at the same time you hate piracy.

        • USMC03Vet

          I’m old enough to be your father.

          Stay in school kiddo.

          • Ridiculous

            Ho ho hoo…and that was the only thing you said in your comeback ? So original…it’s the same as being quiet and not saying anything at all, so you could just keep quiet grandpa. If that was all you had to say and had no good comeback with good argument, then it means that community has placed you to the ground, which means, you are too old to for this stuff, and just because of your age that you try to showoff by saying for how long you have played games…doesn’t mean you are or will be right compared to younger ones. Ssshhh grandpa, take your pills and get to bed.

            P.S. I will stay in school, because I have paid for University studies and not wishing to skip them.

  • megadave

    funny thing is that I actually feel like buying it now.

  • Maxx Kilbride

    Damn. I’m kinda on the fence about this.

    Good that it’s not in, but I thought Denuvo’s claim of “Can’t be hacked”, and such a high profile title would drive people to crack it and release it almost a month before street date. 😛

  • Al Simons

    no retarded drm with my steam game? awesome, you can have my money rockstar..also for future games, please consider linux release/ports.

    • wtf

      You do realize Steam itself is a type of DRM, right?


      • lazerbeak

        yes but its a type that doesn’t cause issues with playability and its pretty easy to crack

      • Turo Orvel

        Actually no. Steam is not a DRM per se but is has optional features for that for devs to use. There are multiple steam games that have no copy protection at all.

      • Al Simons

        Let me get this right, so you are telling me that you would like to take the time to log into steam and then log into another client in order to play your game through steam..

  • Lloyd Franklin

    It’s so stupid CD Projekt Red have said their games were pirated a hell of a lot less without DRM than the DRM version that’s on Steam.

  • Lloyd Franklin

    I’ve just looked up Lords Of The Fallen and it’s already been cracked so the DRM isn’t any good.

    • Maxx Kilbride

      Those are fake, actually. Check the comments next time.

      But I’m sure, with time, it will be.

      • Lloyd Franklin

        It’s been cracked, it’s on Pirate Bay.

        • Maxx Kilbride

          No, those are fake.

          Make sure to read the comments everyone left.

        • Ridiculous

          Well, if it is, then I go on…I dare you…download and try to play if you assume it has been cracked. The guy already said it’s fake, and just because you saw a torrent with title or just a torrent, doesn’t mean that you have to assume 100%, come here and post a comment that you just saw a torrent, but you didn’t check if it’s truly what it is, you neither tested, nor read the comments as the Maxx said.
          Embarrassing isn’t it, when you saw something, didn’t make sure if it’s true, and already jumping out and telling everyone that it has been done, and then you realize you just lied to a whole community that after the checking probably called you an dumbass, or those who already knew, tested the game and/or read the comments, already can said that you are dumb before even checking the game.

  • Sara Horton

    With this game DRM is irrelevant to me. I mean as long as they don’t make a service and call it Rplay. GTA4 is the reason this won’t be day one for me. I don’t want to have to wait for hardware that is not out yet to play the game >30FPS. If it’s as good a port as max pain, take my money Rockstar.

    • whatthespork

      Well what do you think R* Social is?

      • Sara Horton

        They did eventually remove it from GTA4. You are right though, I always
        seen that as a launcher rather then a service, but then I never used
        any other part then the button that said launch GTA4 😛

    • Lloyd Franklin

      Max Payne 3 wasn’t a port and neither is GTA V. https://twitter.com/RockstarGames/statuses/194590539901972480