World of Tanks girls und panzer

I’d pretend this is unexpected, but let’s be honest – it’s not.

To coincide with World of Tanks’ upcoming September release in Japan, what else would do but plan a collaboration with an anime series? Not just any anime series, though. This one quite literally combines anime with tanks.

Akiba Souken reports that the Japanese launch will kick off some sort of collaboration between World of Tanks and the series “Girls und Panzer,” an Actas-created show from 2012 in which girls partake in tank battles. Because why not, really?

Girls und Panzer

Exclusive footage from the last time I played against Tim in Company of Heroes 2.

The same source suggests (if Google’s translation powers are to be trusted) that details of the crossover will be announced later, so it’s not clear at this stage whether World of Tanks will be getting themed tank skins or voice-packs, or something else entirely. You can be damn sure it’ll be a microtransaction though.

Here’s a clip from Girls und Panzer that I’m going to assume is somewhat relevant.

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