Improved version of Green Hell VR to arrive on Steam this June

Green Hell VR Steam fire sparks survival

Back in 2019, developer Creepy Jar released Green Hell, a survival game that sees players within the beautiful, yet unforgiving Amazon rainforest. It performed well enough both critically and commercially to warrant the developers expanding on the game’s premise, and they did so through the Spirits of Amazonia expansion as well as the Incuvo-developed VR version. The latter of which came out on the Quest 2 back in April. Now, the upcoming Steam version of Green Hell VR is on the way, promising to substantially build upon the gameplay found in the Quest 2 version.

Plenty of players enjoyed Green Hell VR overall. However, it did streamline the original experience to a significant extent, which may have disappointed some who hoped for a more direct translation.


According to a press release, Green Hell VR on Steam brings more to the fold. It’ll implement “a wider terrain to explore, higher graphic fidelity, and different UI and mechanics” to provide “an even more immersive survival experience.” The developers specifically stated that Green Hell VR boasts at least 60 different mechanics pertaining to combat, healing, crafting, and various other elements.

More time in the shelter

Incuvo CEO Andrzej Wychowaniec expressed elation over the upcoming Steam release of Green Hell VR, saying that the choice to split the releases of this version and the Quest 2 version ended up paying off. This decision allowed the developers to spend some extra time polishing certain aspects of the game to fit the PC’s “expanded capabilities.” Wychowaniec made sure to thank fans for their support, including those who played the Quest 2 version and offered crucial feedback.

The developers have announced that this new and improved Green Hell VR will come to Steam on June 9. That is exactly two weeks from now, so players will get to survive out in the Amazon rainforest all over again without waiting long at all.

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