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Taking aim at unpublished games and other puns.

Digital retailer Green Man Gaming is launching a publishing arm, with the stated intention of helping “talented and creative developers” get their games to market. Green Man Loaded self-describes as a “modern” publishing service and is calling for interested games creators to get in contact.

I don’t know a great deal about signing up with publishers, but I’ve heard enough horror stories to know that having “the developer will always own their IP” listed at the top of Green Man Loaded’s list of priorities is a rather encouraging sign.

The publisher is also promising fortnightly royalty payments, an in-house beta program and other useful-sounding sales and marketing tools. It probably won’t hurt to have the publishing arm of one of the major digital PC retailers doing exposure for you, either.

You won’t be locked in to GMG distribution though, says Green Man Loaded’s Gary Rowe. “We will of course be distributing via the GMG network, as well as publishing across all leading distribution channels.”

“My first priority at Green Man Loaded has been to meet developers with high quality PC titles available for world-wide publishing and I’m looking forward to making our first announcements about this in the coming weeks,” he adds.

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