Green witch mean time: Dishonored’s Brigmore Witches details due tomorrow

Thanks to the detail that Dishonored’s final DLC will be playable at QuakeCon in August, it was clear that the concluding part of Daud’s journey was on its way fairly soon. There’s now even more evidence of that, thanks to a tweet from the Dishonored folks promising “more details tomorrow” about the anticipated add-on.

It’s accompanied by a rather green piece of concept art, depicting a knife-wielding lady up to her ankles in water inside a run-down mansion. Creeping vines surround her, which could be a clue as to one of the powers of the so-called Brigmore Witches. Daud’s going to need his flippers if he wants to wade through that water without making too much noise.

Have a look at the image for yourself, below.

Dishonored Brigmore Witches

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