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Codemasters’ GRID series has long held the pole position in the world of “simcade” racing for a lot of gamers out there. Whilst the last entry, GRID (2019), put a few speed bumps in the series momentum, it looks like the missteps taken have only added fuel to Codemasters chambers. The upcoming GRID Legends seeks to reel the series back in and once again provide the quality, high-octane racing gameplay that fans have come to know and love.

From the handful hours I’ve spent with a special preview edition of GRID Legends, the only term that kept running through my mind was: “Cannonball!”


Track time attack

GRID Legends features racing discipline galore with a variety of vehicles both fictional and licensed that provide varying degrees of speed, handling and racing action. From drifting-tuned sports cars, to suspension-endowed racing trucks, GRID Legends looks to feature something for just about everyone.

Its signature look and feel return, with classic mechanics like the flashback continuing to be present. The track list spans across the globe, with cities such as London and Moscow being featured with fictional circuits, and real-world circuits such as BrandsHatch. The environments are nicely detailed, and there’s a lot going on that adds to the wild, vivid spectacle that the game seeks to offer.

Grid Legends Pc Preview Drift King 1

What really stood out to me was that the action never let up on a second-to-second basis. The AI was quite lively and dynamic, with cars smashing into walls, spinning out, and thumping into each other from the often extremely close proximity of bumper-to-bumper intensity. This pretty much kept me on the edge of my seat in each and every race; never did it feel like it was dragging along just running around the circuit, or unfairly unbalanced with the lead car miles ahead.

There are a lot of assists to give novice players a fighting chance, but the training wheels can be taken off for those that want a more authentic experience. That said, this is definitely not in the same vein as that of a Forza MotorsportAssetto Corsa, or iRacing.

Grid Legends Pc Preview Truck Trouble 2

Arcade aerodynamics

GRID Legends certainly seems to have more pedigree than that of a Forza Horizon (in terms of capturing racing authenticity). But it doesn’t seem to be trying to punch as high as the typical purebred racing sim. And, for someone like me, that sounds like a nicely tuned motor.

I’ve come to accept that while I love racing games as a whole, I really have a soft spot for the more “arcadey” of the bunch. That’s why I absolutely love games like Forza Horizon 5but quickly find myself getting burnt out with more realistic titles like the WRC series. GRID Legends walking the line of realistic  and “gamified” with its driving model and mechanics is right on the money for a player like me.

Grid Legends Pc Preview Electric Rush

Even with these systems in place, each vehicle featured in the preview still managed to feel noticeably different from each other. For instance, the seemingly rocket-powered Porsche concept hypercar glued to the track like nobody’s business, whereas the Shelby Cobra felt weighty but slidey at the same time. Then the extreme suspension of the fictional Dumont T36 racing truck provided a unique experience all on its own due to the weight distribution constantly shifting as I cornered around the track. These distinctions along with the different modes look like they have what it takes to keep the action feeling consistent and fresh in the long-term.

Vehicular visions

They say that first impressions are everything. For me, just this short preview of GRID Legends has me very intrigued for what the full experience has to offer. If the entire package can maintain a consistent flow of solid events, balanced conditions and an exciting selection of vehicles, then this is already shaping up to be a strong contender for 2022’s racing lineup.

Grid Legends Pc Preview Starting Grid

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Having been introduced to video games at the age of 3 via a Nintendo 64, A.K has grown up in the culture. A fan of simulators and racers, with a soft spot for Nintendo! But, he has great respect for the entire video game world and enjoys watching it all expand as a whole.

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