Crate Entertainment’s ARPG Grim Dawn is progressing rather nicely and this week there’s another update on the game’s progress which also revealed a few new planned features.

Act 2 is still being worked on as they fix bugs and address balancing issues with damage spikes. Although bugs are a priority there has been time to prepare for new game features which will include:

  • A codex page in the quest log which tracks any notes you’ve acquired: you can re-read any notes you find at any time without the need to store them in your inventory or stash.
  • World item comparison tooltips: by holding ‘Alt’ you can immediately compare an item on the ground to whatever you have equipped.
  • ’move’ and ‘force move’ keybindings have been added: you can now move around while ignoring enemies or interactive objects while using these new functions.
  • Components can now be combined even if you do not meet the level requirements.
  • Personal riftgates can now be opened without the confirmation prompt.
  • And more…

After Act 2 is has been completed Crate will be looking at crafting which is apparently “mostly working” but they need to go back to an Act 1 quest which features the Blacksmith to tie it all together.

Crate are wanting to make the game feel more rewarding so they will be improving drop rates from bosses and hero monsters. These will also now appear more frequently. Seven new rare affixes have also been added to the game to reduce huge item tooltips and affixes have been “adjusted”.

This latest update also shows off one of the new monsters, the hideous looking Bone Golem.

Grim Dawn

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