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The new year brings more updates for Crate Entertainment’s ARPG Grim Dawn with news that Act 2 testing is getting underway.

In this latest testing phase the development team are sorting out issues such as pathing and content holes. The team are also concerned that the current content chain ends in what they describe as a “somewhat anti-climactic ending” and this needs to be addressed in the weeks ahead.

The reason these issues have to be tackled is because Crate never planned on making the game as large as it’s now going to be and Act 2 was never planned as a full Act. This means that the main quests for this new region actually finish about half way through which is obviously not ideal. The plan is to fix these issues and flesh out the new area with a more involving story. This could push the game back slightly but Crate are still not quite sure if this will impact the game’s release date at the moment.

With all these additions needing work, it has given some of the Crate team more time to work on the game’s crafting system.

The Blacksmith is an important element of the crafting system and players will have to find him out in the wilderness to gain access to his crafting skills. Once he’s active he will also allow players to gamble by supplying him with resources to see what he comes up with.

Blueprints are also being added and will be available as loot or quests rewards. Once these are learned they are  added to your Blueprint collection in the crafting UI. Any duplicate blueprints can be sold or traded with other players. All characters on your account will also have access to any Blueprints which is a nice bonus.

A work in progress crafting UI has also been revealed as the testing continues.

Grim Dawn

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