Major Grim Dawn patch drops with numerous improvements

Major Grim Dawn patch drops with numerous improvements

While Crate Entertainment work on the Grim Dawn expansion, today they have released a major patch for the game. This update brings numerous tech and quality of live improvements to the ARPG.

This update preps the game for the upcoming expansion by bridging character data from the current game to the expansion. An important point to note is that saves from characters played in this new version (V1.0.1.0) are not compatible with older versions of the game. You have been warned.

Owners of the Loyalist edition can also get their hands on two new helms: the Pillager’s Dread Helm and the Helm of the Venerable Warrior. Both of these are available in Devil’s Crossing.

The patch is available via Steam right now and it’s shortly going to be added to GOG. The full lengthy patch notes are available on the Grim Dawn forums.

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