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Crate Entertainment continue to expand their ARPG Grim Dawn with news that the Necromancer will be joining the game.

Always a popular class in ARPGs, Grim Dawn’s Necromancer appears to be everything fans of a Necro would look for. Expect minions, harvesting of enemies for health, and being handy with melee weapons.

Crate has released a few details on skills players can expect to find, these may change as development continues on the class, but they are a good indication of the direction they are taking the Necro.

Drain Essence

”Necromancers firmly believe in the concept of greater good, and sometimes the greater good means that one’s life essence must be sacrificed so that another may live. Though this transfer is frowned upon, some practitioners have trouble resisting the temptation of raw vital energy.”

Who needs potions when you’ve got enemies? Healing yourself is just a mere foe away. With sufficient practice, a necromancer can cause this ability to consume vitality from additional nearby foes as well.

Grim Dawn

Raise Skeletons

”The art of reanimating skeletal remains is among the first rites of aspiring Necromancers, but also one of the most rudimentary. Through sheer will, a Necromancer may call upon the spirits beyond the veil and draw them into the bones of the deceased. Should the ritual succeed, skeletal minions, loyal only to the summoner, shall rise. However, due to the unstable nature of the spell, such minions will not remain standing for long.”

A necromancer is not complete without an arsenal of undead minions to do his bidding. With this ability, you raise three skeletons to serve you. More powerful minions have a chance to emerge at higher ranks. Bring forth any combination of warriors, archers, mages and revenants.

Further mastery through modifiers increases the summon limit as well as the longevity and durability of your undead servants. When fully trained, any foes you slay have a chance to reset the cooldown.

Grim Dawn

Necrotic Edge

”By striking with the chill of the grave, your attacks inflict instant necrosis upon the afflicted wound, the sight of which can cause even the most resolute foes to falter.”

This devastating weapon pool proc strikes foes with chilling fear. While it works with any weapon type, it cleaves additional foes when used with melee weapons.

To follow what’s happening with the game the thread in the forums for more.

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