Grim Dawn will let you repair bridges with more alpha test content

It’s been quite quiet on the Grim Dawn front recently, although there has been a few game updates in the current alpha test of Crate Entertainment’s ARPG.

In a new update from the development team they take a look at some of the upcoming features that will be added to the test including the ability to collect resources to construct broken bridges in the game world.

As more content is added to the game, a future update will advance the game’s plot and open the area of Homestead which was a key provider of food and resources to Devil’s Crossing which is the current starter town. To adventure further to the northwest, a bridge will need to be repaired which can be done as long as you have the necessary resources to hand.

It won’t be a requirement to repair the bridge, you will be able to find a longer route round, but it’s a good example of how Crate are wanting the player to engage with the world and help repair it.

There are further details available for the recent patch and  you can read the full update on their site.

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