Crate Entertainment will be releasing Build 25 of Grim Dawn later today, according to a new post on their forums. “For those eagerly awaiting the release of Build 25 and all of its Faction improvements, better hold on to your seats as the build will go live later today,” the post reads.

If you’re wondering precisely what changes Build 25 will bring to the game, this post from late April on the Grim Dawn forums has a pretty comprehensive round-up.

In short, this release is all about “wrap[ping] up the Faction System by introducing all of its rewards (and consequences).” Central to all of this is the Faction Quartermaster (pictured above,) who’ll be your one-stop-shop for faction rewards and quests (as long as you’re friendly enough with a given faction.)

You can also go the opposite way, and wind up with a Grim Dawn faction hating your guts. For information about turning yourself into a faction’s greatest nemesis (along with ‘despised’ and ‘hated’ status effects,) have a read of this post.

There’s a whole lot more to look for too, including overhauled damage over time effects, brand new art for some armours, epic items and faction equipment, physics optimisation, and improved casting animations. The full changelog will probably show up in this forum, once Build 25 is released.

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