The High Rollers Lounge elevator in Grim Fandango’s second year has a dark history, which apparently extended to the recent Remastered edition of the game. There’s a timing-based puzzle you need to solve in there and the original version of the game had problems on newer PC CPUs – they ran it too fast, and the puzzle was unsolvable.

Grim Fandango Remastered has (or had) a different glitch, which just locked Manny in the elevator indefinitely. That damn elevator is cursed.

Anyway, Double Fine has released an update today which takes the game to version 1.3 and claims to have fixed the elevator bug of doom. If you have a saved game file where Manny is trapped in the lift, you should now be able to reload it, free him, and carry on with the other puzzles in Rubacava.

Getting stuck in the first place should be fixed too.

In addition to the elevator shenanigans, the patch notes for this update say they’ve addressed the missing hot-spots for the piano in Manny’s club and the striking Sea Bees. I highlighted those in my review, and assumed they were bugs because the latter has an achievement attached to it which was presumably unobtainable until now.

Plus, it just isn’t Grim Fandango unless you can make Manny sing a song at his piano (once Glottis has left the building.)

For a full list of changes and fixes, have a read of Double Fine’s changelog.

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