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Weeping Cavity: Otherwhere Phlox armor set and Crimson Ichor

The items in the Weeping Cavity can be obtained anytime as long as you’ve got the necessary items/skills.


The Otherwhere Phlox armor set is found near the starting area in Grime. Go to the left of the starting point and break open the walls until you reach the bottom level.

You need the Bellow Mace or a weapon that can do a ground smash to break the floor.

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As for the Crimson Ichor (a consumable that gives an extra Hunt Point), it’s found past the Amalgam boss fight area. You’ll air dash as you climb to avoid the spike traps. There’s also a Skewer mob down below that can be killed for an extra Hunt Point.

Anyway, let’s talk about some of the stuff in the Unformed Desert in the next part of our Grime secrets guide.

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