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GTA 5’s Steam launch has been marred with multiple issues and poor download speeds.

Some fans who preloaded and have SSDs in their rigs were in for a rude awakening, as the Steam download required another 65 GB on top of the 59 GB they predownloaded, just to decrypt the files. Either they let their drives get filled up, or the installation dragged to a crawl.

Steam’s servers were also overloaded when all players, whether they preloaded or not, all logged in to simultaneously install a 1 GB launch patch.

Finally, an anomalous installation bug came up for players who used special characters in their usernames.

Rockstar is working on all these issues, but if you haven’t tried installing the game yet, you are better off waiting for when it does all get sorted out.

Did you try to download GTA 5 on Steam? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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