Reddit poster Bilago has continued to work on his GTA 5 Mod Manager (which we previously posted about here,) and has today put out a ‘Release Version’ of the launcher.

The release post and notes thread can be read here, while the Manager itself can be found and downloaded from here.

Bilago’s efforts mean you can store your GTA 5 mods in an external folder (of your choosing,) and have them active or inactive at your discretion. This allows players to make sure everything is switched off when playing GTA Online (since Rockstar apparently don’t approve of mods in that mode,) and provides an easy way to toggle mods on and off for single player.

The Mod Manager’s main features are summarised as follows:

  • Modded/Vanilla RPF hot swapping (Super easy to use RPF Installation wizard provided with automatic vanilla RPF backups)
  • ASI, LUA, FX, DLL, VB, CS, PY full support with the ability to be imported to their correct locations automatically using the ‘Add Mod’ feature.
  • Mods are always stored in an external folder, never in the GTAV directory.
  • Mod Folder is configurable to any location on your PC.
  • Firewall rules are created to block GTA5.exe from the internet while mods are enabled.
  • Social Club is automatically set to offline mode when mods are enabled.
  • ‘Online Mode’ which automatically disables all mods and opens the firewall.
  • Mods can be automatically removed as soon as you quit the game (configurable).
  • Config files are automatically detected can be edited directly in the manager.
  • Ability to rename mods to friendly names (double click name to edit).
  • GTA5.exe high priority tweak Registry tweak built in.
  • Drag and drop installation of mods (UAC enabled Windows 8+ does not allow this at this time).
  • Uninstall/Delete mods from within the manager.
  • Manager has Automatic Updates with change logs.

In the Reddit thread comments, Bilago confirms that mods which use loose .meta files will still require the OpenIV tool. “The manager will let you store modified RPFs (using those meta files) but it does not let you do the actual modifications to the rpf file. That will still need to be done via OpenIV,” he writes.

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