GTA 5 OpenIV 2.5 released for modding but has limitations

GTA 5 OpenIV 2.5 released for modding but has limitations

PC gamers are eager to get modding GTA 5 and this release is a start.

A couple of days ago the OpenIV team revealed they could decrypt and open the GTA 5 game files which meant that modding could become a reality. Today OpenIV 2.5 has been released to the public and is now available for download.

This version is the first to be released with GTA 5 support and it’s quite limited. There’s only the ability to view the files, archives and textures, but according to the OpenIV team, “this is only the beginning”. It’s no huge surprise the tool is currently limited, it’s been put together surprisingly quickly and it’s caused a real buzz within the GTA modding community who are desperate to get started.

If you want to dig into the files then all you need to do is grab OpenIV from the website. We have no idea how Rockstar will eventually respond and tackle mods because they’ll be wanting to make sure that GTA Online is in no way affected by modded games. It’s still very early days for these tools but it’s a great achievement so soon after the game’s release.

To demonstrate what’s actually available, the OpenIV team released this video which shows the files being opened up and viewed.

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