Both the Rockstar Social Club and Steam versions of GTA 5 have received a new patch today, but as with the last one it’s not accompanied (yet) by any notes.

Edit: The notes are now available. Original story follows.

If things progress as they did with Patch 1.01, then Rockstar will put up some actual change-log notes a little bit later in the day. The page to watch for patch notes is this one; but for now it’s a case of guesswork.

GTA 5 PC players have been leaving reports of their post-patch experiences over on this Reddit thread. I wouldn’t say there’s a general consensus just yet, though a fair few people have suggesting this patch may (again) reduce performance. Mind you, there are some saying it’s given them a frame-rate boost as well.

While the GTA 5 PC version was generally rather good, it does seem to have a couple of lingering problems. Suggestions of a memory leak have persisted since release, and some players experience stuttering when driving through Los Santos. ‘Self Radio’ appears to cause a drop in FPS for some players, and some missions are causing crashes in certain circumstances (like firing a gun from a vehicle.)

It’s difficult to get a definitive diagnosis of those types of problems when each GTA 5 player will be running a slightly different set of options on a different system to any other given player, but those seem to be the most common complaints.

The patch notes (when they appear,) may clear some of this up.

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