GTA 5 PC patch coming Friday? Windows User Account fix expected

Rockstar has updated their support page indicating a “fix” is due Friday.

GTA 5 has been out for a few days now and there’s still plenty of PC players experiencing technical issues with crashing, launching and performance. One of the first issues to be identified and acknowledged by Rockstar was the problem with” Installing or Playing GTAV PC On Windows User Accounts Containing Certain Characters”.

Rockstar supplied a workaround but also promised proper update to fix the issue. This evening a note has been added to the Rockstar support pages with a new fix date for this issue. It reads:

Updated 4/16/15: The expected date for a fix is Friday, April 17.”

There is a possibility that a patch could be released that will address the user account problem but also address other problems with the game. We’ve got out fingers crossed that something will appear on Friday so we suggest you keep a close eye on your GTA 5 install on Steam for any updates just in case.

Update: The first patch has now been released.

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