GTA 5 PC Patch released

Rockstar released the first patch patch for GTA 5 which weighs in at 207MB on Steam but has it fixed your problems?

As expected the first patch for GTA 5 has been released and your copy should update on Steam with a 207MB patch, and if you’ve not purchased it through Steam, the patch should be around 352.75MB plus a 53MB update.

What the patch actually fixes is not completely clear as no patch notes have been posted by Rockstar at the time of writing.

There are two things we know have been rectified in this update, the already announced Windows user name issue and it also appears they have resolved the problem with the GTA launcher chewing up the CPU which means there should be no need to reduce the priority of the launcher in Windows Task Manager.

This patch seems to be showing some really mixed results with some users now experiencing stuttering issues that were not happening prior to the patch. There are also still reports of crash problems so it appears the patch may not have fixed some of the more serious problems players have been experiencing and many players are having difficulty actually getting the patch downloaded.

If you are having problems with the “unavailable(Code 12)” after the update, try running the GTAV.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, and PlayGTAV.exe as Administrator. You can set these exe files to run as Administrator by changing them in your file manager with a right click on the file then selecting “Run as Administrator”.

We’ll post any patch notes up in this new item should they appear but do let us know if this update has fixed or even broken the game for you.

Edit: Patch notes for 1.01 are now available to read.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Chris Graham (Xenoaxle)

      The patch fixed the social club not loading, the fix around this was to disable my gfx card and re-enable it when the social club started to load. At least I don’t need to do that anymore. However the game seems to freeze up now, usually when pressing the buttons to shoot out of a car. A bit odd.

      • Mace ya face

        already did that for me, makes the story in-passable for me 🙁

      • ADITYA

        bt can u tell me where will i get the patch?

        • Justin DreadPirate Roberts

          via the launcher or via steam

      • Barnicle

        where can i download the patch

    • kumar

      It became worse after the patch! As if killed optimization))

    • Ciaran

      Before the patch I was having a problem with the deposit button on maze bank but I am wondering if that has been fixed? 😀 thank 🙂

      • axyd

        Wow im blind as a bat, I swear I didnt see any buttons for bank…. couldve saved lots of money that way lol, 5k at a time adds up…..

    • sam

      I cant get past the Rockstar service unavailable (Code 1) error so where can I download it

    • Shelley Ohlinger

      Just downloaded the patch and attempted to launch it. BAM!
      “Grand Theft Auto V Launcher has stopped working”
      Guess I’ll be waiting for yet another patch…. 🙁

      • Christina Marker Christensen

        Did it work for you before then?

        • Shelley Ohlinger

          Nope. It has never worked for me.

          • Christina Marker Christensen

            I have a solution you can try that worked for me. Do you have it through steam or just Rockstar?
            Mine is not through steam, but you can still try. Add me on steam CarmelitaFoxy, and I will walk you through it. 🙂

      • RadicalElation

        As Christina Marker Christensen asked, was it working fine before?

        This is important, because some fixes for that if it was happening before are easy (like disabling your antivirus/adding the GTA folder as an exception for active scanning), some hopeless, but if it worked before and it’s broken now… could be a whole new mess of problems for a lot of people.

        Hope mine is okay after I update.

        • Brad

          Didn’t work for me as of this AM after the patch (Social Club launch issue, infinite/stuck Story Mode loading before that)…I deleted every folder/thing related to Rockstar on my PC this time, re-booted, and just left it re-installing from Steam before I went to work (after clean install of Nvidia drivers last night)….will see what happens I guess. What’s so frustrating is the game ran fine for a day or so before it started doing this. What a mess of a game. There’s absolutely nothing odd or out-of-spec or scope etc.., about my PC either.

    • Alan BAlfe

      was feeling a little short changed that my gtx 970 and i52500k couldnt max this @60fps now it does so um thanks rockstar

    • ADITYA

      where do i get the patch for non steam user

    • Elliott Yamane

      Also, run a Malware Scan on your computer. My friend was crashing since release each time he tried to get on. Even when he managed to eventually log on he could only play for a couple minutes before it inevitably seemed to crash. But he found some malware that had something to do with the GTA5 files and deleted it. Now it is running like clockwork. He bought it on steam, if you are having issues with a version you downloaded from Rockstar’s website I hope this works for you as well. Cheers.

    • Doubleoh Dutch

      Ok Rockstar,
      I really REALLY love you Guys, but the patch broke my gta V, as in a MAJOR framerate dip, where yesterday it went buttersmooth 80fps on very high. Now I get like 40-50 ish. Also it stutters and freezes.
      Just so you know. The game really rocks (on pc, had it already on xb360), please look into this. Thank you.

    • Jarno Kantola

      After the patch i have serious lag in the forest areas :(, before the patch i had solid 60fps, now barely 40

      • Rick Aucoin

        Riiiiight. 40fps is “serious lag”.
        You realize most people are happy with 30fps if that lets them turn on the eyecandy functions like softer shadows, or AA?
        Bitching about your “serious lag” at 40fps is just stupid.

        • Jarno Kantola

          It seems fair to bitch about it since before the patch i had no problems.

          • Jarno Kantola

            Update, turned grass quality from ultra to very high seemed to give a HUGE boost to fps,

            • 2020221010

              That’s already known, it isn’t recommended to run grass on ultra because it will have a huge fps impact especially in rural areas. MSAA and the advanced options are the other culprits.

    • JR

      I’m happy that they fixed the discrete graphics problem this fast. It was a pain having to open device manager and disable/re-anable the discrete GPU.

      This game works perfectly for me as of now. Considering I am on a laptop, this game runs smooth and I have not seen any screen tearing yet. I did notice a slight FPS drop but 45~55 FPS is playable; I’m sure they will work on that though.

      I’d say give Rockstar a break on the hate, PC is the hardest platform to test after all with the vast variety of setups. At least when they fix the game, it is not half-assed like other game companies. Rockstar puts their pride on their work so thumbs up for me.

    • Rick Aucoin

      Glad they fixed it so the damn SIGN IN screen no longer cranks my HD5870’s cooling fan up to “standing next to a jet engine” speeds.

    • Eikan Yanagi

      Im still having the same loading problem with social club…wish they take it away

      • Brad

        I don’t understand why RS can’t fix this issue by now, it’s maddening.

    • Jarno Kantola

      Turned grass quality from ultra to very high seemed to give a huge boost to fps

    • MV

      Now my game won’t load after this new patch wtf

    • Mark Wolfe

      Still crashing for no reason, I have tryed to reinstall and still is crashing.


      This new patch didn’t work for my game, I still get low FPS when GTAVLauncher.exe is runing and when I lower the priority it crashes.I’m at the mission with the tow truck, garbage truck and that stuff…and when Michael tells Franklin to leave with the garbage truck if I press right click while driving, it crashes…every time…

    • Redglyph

      Can any of you enter 24/7 supermarkets or gas station stores to rob them?

      On my version those shops are all empty and look fake, it’s not possible to enter them, I’m wondering whether it’s a bug (or a silly option hidden somewhere).

    • Leo Heinämäki

      After the update I have been getting big fps drops in the evening, around 7-9 PM the game time. It’s so frustrating, specially during missions. Does anyone know how to fix this?