GTA 5 PC release date listed as November by 2K distributor

gta 5 release date
Well, there is SOME racing.

Exertis Gem, a UK distributor for Take Two (and by association 2K,) is listing a release date of 14 November for Grand Theft Auto V on PC. That’s not an official confirmation, obviously, but the same site previously just had a generic “to be confirmed” message next to the GTA 5 release date.

The change was noticed by NeoGaf, and would at least fit with the rather vague notion of “autumn” that Rockstar have been quoting so far. Amusingly, Exertis Gem think GTA 5’s genre is “racing” which … I guess is technically true in some senses.

If the release date were to be 14 November in the UK, that would indicate an 11 November release for the US. That’d put GTA 5 right in the midst of the busiest major release period; one which now includes Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

UK retailer Littlewoods has also decided that 14 November is GTA 5 day in the UK. If these listings are accurate, it would mean the PC version is getting a concurrent release with PS4/Xbox One copies. Which is always nice.

That’s something of a sizeable “if” though, as there’s a chance they may just be a placeholder of sorts.

In prior GTA 5 news, it appears that the re-release will be getting some updates to its radio stations.

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