GTA 5’s Online Heists get a trailer

Grand Theft Auto V (2)

The long-awaited Online Heists for GTA 5 are coming in 2015, and there’s a trailer to prove it. Or at least to prove Rockstar are still working on them.

This might not mean much to PC users, what with GTA 5 not coming out until the end of January. We haven’t even had a chance to dip our toes into GTA Online, let alone get ourselves ready for the Online Heists. Oh well. Maybe we’ll actually have a chance to play it before the Online Heists hit.

Online Heists let multiple players plan, prepare for, and then execute multi-stage heists across the game world. Each player will have to take on different roles at different points of the heists, and you’ll have to communicate and cooperate to make it away with the loot. Other than the heists themselves, this update for GTA Online will offer new vehicles, new clothing, and new weapons.

GTA 5‘s Online Heists are due “early 2015.” Sort of like GTA 5 PC, then, which is due around 27 January, and will hopefully actually function on launch. Trailer below! (Which, hilariously, starts with the lines: “I know you’ve been complaining, but you weren’t ready.”)

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