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She’s either updating the radio or holding Rockstar hostage. One of the two.

By the sounds of things, there’ll be new (or at least different) tunes on GTA 5’s radio stations when the new version is released this Autumn. Cara Delevingne has been spotted by NeoGaf tweeting about updating the Non Stop Pop FM radio channel which she hosts in-game.

Here’s what she had to say on the matter:

Whether all of the GTA 5 radio stations will be getting the same treatment isn’t clear, but it sounds as though there will at least be further pop offerings and new lines from Cara Delevingne to enjoy. Presumably Rockstar will be trying to expand the others, too.

In other GTA 5 news, Rockstar’s support team insists that there is no delay to the PC version (or any other version) of the game. Rumours circulated last week that the re-release of GTA 5 for “next gen” was going to be delayed, though they didn’t appear to be based on a whole lot of solid evidence.

On their support page, in response to a query about any PC delay, the official line is that the release date “has not changed.” That’s more of a release window than a release date of course, as Rockstar hasn’t been any more specific than “autumn” when naming a date.

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