Gamers worldwide have waited with extreme patience for some more information on the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. After the initial reveal a lot of eager fans were actually expecting it to have released by Christmas this year. However it seems we will be getting one rather nice Christmas gift from the people at Rockstar via the December issue of Game Informer.

Editor-in-Chief, Andy McNamara recently announced on Twitter that the cover story of the December issue will be Grand Theft Auto V, cutting straight to the chase without even the slightest bit of teasing.

Here’s McNamara’s tweet:

“I’m about to make some of my haters very happy. In NYC, about to check out December’s cover game #GTAV”

Of course, Game Informer’s feature article generally tend to come with huge heaps of previously unknown information. It’s common to get new features announced and also to get new screenshots, but sometimes they even have the occasional video too, so the GTA fans can expect a considerable amount of to get excited about.


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