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    Rockstar: playing tennis with our emotions.

    Rockstar has issued a not especially reassuring statement to the people getting antsy about the mysterious lack of GTA V PC system specs ahead of a scheduled 27 January release date.

    Towards the end of 2014, it had been suggested by Rockstar themselves that system specs would be forthcoming before the turn of the year. Those specs never materialised, and the game currently remains unavailable for purchase on the Steam store page. The release date on that page is still listed as “early 2015.”

    All of which has made potential PC players a bit nervous about a possible delay announcement.

    In reply to queries about just such a thing, a Rockstar representative stated “GTA V will be coming to PC on January 27th.” Hurrah! Call off the concerns, it’s all a misunderstan … oh hang on, he wrote a second sentence as well; “We have not announced any changes to this date at this time.”

    That “at this time” probably isn’t going to do much to calm people down. The first part of the statement seems fairly emphatic, and then the pesky second part has to come along and say “ehhh, unless it’s delayed.”

    For now though, the official line is that GTA V will be on PC from 27 January.

    Edit 12 January: Aaaaand, now it is delayed. Until March.

    Peter Parrish

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