GTA V (2)

    Officer, this game was free, I swear.

    Rockstar are smearing a little honey on GTA V PC pre-orders made through their own ‘Rockstar Warehouse‘ store by offering a freebie game in the bargain.

    Update: Looks like this offer extends to the Steam store version too.

    Any GTA V pre-orders made before (or possibly on, it does say “by”) 1 February will get you a bonus $300,000 for GTA Online and one of the following titles:

    – Max Payne 3
    – LA Noire: The Complete Edition
    – Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
    – Grand Theft Auto IV
    – Bully: Scholarship Edition
    – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    – Manhunt
    – Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
    – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    – Midnight Club 2
    – Grand Theft Auto 3

    Granted, some of those games can be picked up for almost no money at all through Steam, but hey, anything to encourage people to part with their $60 USD early, right?

    All pre-orders also receive $1,000,000 of in-game spending money ($500,000 for GTA V, and the same amount for GTA Online.) That part isn’t a limited offer, so it extends beyond 1 February.

    Be aware that a 15% deposit will be charged as soon as you pop down your pre-order cash. To off-set that slightly, you do get the free game straight away.

    “Once Grand Theft Auto V is released, the remaining amount will be charged and the activation code for Grand Theft Auto V on PC will be provided via email.”

    Peter Parrish

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