September 5th, 2017

GTA V reappears in latest PC AMD Catalyst beta driver profiles

Grand Theft Auto V - GTA V

IncGamers readers will remember that last October GTA V popped up in AMD Catalyst drivers and then subsequently vanished from future releases.

Well guess what? GTA V is back in the latest AMD Catalyst 13.30 beta drivers which have just been pushed out. The discovery was found by ELCID77 over on Guru3D, who after a bit of file digging, spotted that an entry for Grand Theft Auto 5 has reappeared in the driver profiles.

It does seem a little odd to have added the entry in previous drivers than remove it. It’s even more weird to add it back in later if there was no requirement for it.While we pretty much think there will be a Grand Theft Auto V release for the PC, perhaps the profile has been added back in for testing purposes (was the footage real?), or there will be some news from Rockstar in the weeks ahead. 

Dare I say it? “Sign of release!!!!!” OK, calm down! It’s a bit premature to get excited…again.

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  • Comments:
    • DavidTheSlayer

      Certainly sounds like GTAV is being worked on internally with graphic card manufacturers. Fingers crossed.

    • peter

      We are getting closer to the announcement. I can feel it. Amazing times comes ahead 🙂

    • juancho

      Amazing, the PC version will be insane. The wait is almost over 🙂