Casting call for new Take-Two project further increases the likelihood of a new Grand Theft Auto being in the works. 
The casting call, entitled ‘Rush’, is up for you to see yourselves at The Agency but, being the nice people we are, we’ve got the edited highlights here.
Roles being cast include:
Mitch Hayes – An annoying, wise cracking, highly successful FBI agent. In great shape. Does triathlons, drinks low cal beer, but still has a sense of humor.
Kevin de Silva – 18, ?fat, FPS playing gamer son. Smokes a lot of weed, has anxiety issues and a card for a bad back, very soft, very opinionated. Into making racist comments while playing online.
Clyde – 23, ? moronic, almost inbred and creepy white trash hillbilly. Very naïve but in a creepy ?it?s only incest sort of way?.
Brother Adam – Welsh monk / cult leader / yoga teacher ? 50, very lithe, very into exploring your personal tension through gripping massage. Needs Welsh accent.
Mrs Avery – Neurotic soccer mom, home maker, 48, anxious and addled on pain killers. Very angry at neighbor MRS Bell.
Mrs Bell – Swinger, and mellow Californian divorcee. 45. Ugly but comfortable with self.
Eddie – 47,? Weed evangelist, guy who started smoking at 30, and is now a leading proponent of marijuana?s fantastic properties. White, awkward.
Rich Roberts – English hardman actor, 35, who acts tough but who wants to do serious work – the only problem is he can’t quite read the words.
If they don’t sound like GTA characters then I don’t know… you get the picture.
This news comes shortly after reports that stunt-man Declan Mulvey’s CV was spotted as listing ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ among the projects he had worked on.
Anyone else think an announcement from Rockstar is imminent?

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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