GTFO Rundown #002 / Infection update March 31 gameplay trailer video

First-person shooters and horror have always gone pretty well together. Not allowing players to look away from the terror on screen makes for some of the most intense and enjoyable sections of this genre mix. 10 Chambers Collective’s GTFO first made a splash last year. Coming from veterans of PayDay: The Heist and PayDay 2, the co-op action and horror FPS definitely has something going for it. The formula of a team going up against unspeakable horrors in a mysterious environment always provide a good time, be it for those playing or for those watching. That concept will expand this March 31 as GTFO will be getting a massive Infection update.

A new face of horror

This substantial update is part of the Rundown concept, where the game is updated constantly with new expeditions that replace the old. GTFO players can look forward to a new environment laid out over 10 new maps. You can also look forward to new weapons, enemies, and even objectives.

The underground facility known as the Complex will only get even more… well, complex. The Rundown #002 / Infection update will challenge even the most hardcore of players. Not even the developers had an easy time, according to a gameplay preview released by the team.

GTFO doesn’t hold any hands and places demand on cooperation from the start; communicate with your team to find out if they see any signs on the walls or doors to make progress. On this particular expedition we’re playing in the video, the players need to work together to establish an external uplink from a terminal,” Ulf Andersson, founder of 10 Chambers, explained.

“One team member will need to type in commands that are only visible on the screens of the three other players – who will need to shout them, while also combating an onslaught of monsters. As you can see in the video, it gets intense.”

Gtfo's Massive Infection Update Prepares To Kill This March 311

Tools to GTFO

The machine pistol and a burst rifle will be welcome new weapons in your arsenal. The March 31 update and its content will be made free for all owners of the game, with some of the expeditions requiring some unlocking.

“The update will include 10 new maps in total but we’re trying out an exciting new feature as well, that we call Warden Restriction. When we release the update, it will have a number of the expeditions locked. When a certain number of people have completed the tiers that lead up to those expeditions, the locked ones will become accessible,” Simon Viklund, co-founder of 10 Chambers, stated. “We hope this will encourage even more help and engagement between our community members, which we have seen a lot of already – and we feel very grateful to have such a nice and friendly community!”

GTFO is available on Steam Early Access for $34.99.

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