Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks

Lightfall has finally come to Destiny 2 and with it is a whole host of changes and additions. One of these big additions is Destiny 2‘s new Guardian Ranks system. This is essentially a brand new way to track progress and find long-term goals to pursue in the game. It’s also set up to help guide new players through Destiny 2‘s often overwhelming amount of content.

Guardian Ranks were first announced last summer, and set up to be a way for players to easily recognize their progress. It’s set up to be a pretty simple menu to engage with. But like with all things in Destiny 2, Guardian Ranks might be a bit tricky to figure out at first.

An overview of Guardian Ranks in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Guardian Ranks can be found in the menu underneath the new ‘Journey ‘ tab. There’s also a shortcut to this menu when you’re in orbit. Long-time Destiny 2 players will notice that this tab has replaced the old ‘Triumphs’ menu.

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks Explained

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The Journey menu is the place where you’ll find Triumphs, Titles, and the new Guardian Rank display. In total, there are 11 ranks to collect, and returning players should already be a decent way through them. But starting players will start with the first rank called ‘New Light.’ In order to increase your Guardian Rank, you’ll need to complete certain objectives. Just click on your current rank and you’ll see everything you need to do.

Early on in the ranks, you’ll only have to complete simple tasks. For example, the third rank has you exploring the game’s various locations and speaking to the vendors on Neptune, the EDZ, and Nessus. But the criteria will slowly get a bit more complicated as you rise through the ranks. The game will automatically track a few Guardian Rank objectives at a time, so you’ll always know what you need to do next.

Making things easier for new players

Destiny 2 has had a longtime issue with guiding new players through all the content on offer. But Guardian Ranks is a massive step forward. Players now have a clearly defined set of goals they can aim to complete. And since they slowly get more complex, it means you can work your way through the content easily. Plus, if you’re a returning player, you can go back and see the things that you never did and finally check that stuff off the list.

Stay tuned for more from Destiny 2: Lightfall, as these Guardian Ranks are just the start.

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